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Freelancing In Pakistan, All You Need To Know!

Freelancing In Pakistan, All You Need To Know!

Freelancing is the new trend in the current era. Where we get to hear how people easily using freelancing platforms put their skills into use and are earning as much as they want to. It sounds insane although it is true. But first, one needs to know what freelancing is. What are freelancers supposed to do? Let’s briefly look into it.

Freelancers and Freelancing:

Freelancers are individuals who work independently. Which means they are not associated with any organization. They provide their services however suits them best. Freelancers are not affiliated with any particular company or organization. They sell their services through various freelancing platforms.

There is no restriction to a certain profession to be a freelancer. You can be a graphic designer, content writer, drop shipper, content writer, copywriter, photographer and so much more.

Whereas, the work freelancers practice is called “freelancing.” It simply is the way of working as a self-employed person. While you decide to work according to own certain conditions. Which includes the pay, base of work as well as working hours. That’s it!

There are a lot of pros offered through freelancing. It is a major reason why people nowadays prefer working as a freelancer rather than being employed by a certain company.

Although, there are also some disadvantages such as; no pension or any kind of insurance because you are not an employee. As well as, there are certain health concerns such as high screen time and social isolation. But with sincerity and responsibility, these could be managed.

Freelancing In Pakistan, All You Need To Know!
Freelancing In Pakistan, All You Need To Know!

Freelancing in Pakistan:

As we have discussed who freelancers are and what freelancing is, it’s time to talk about freelancing in Pakistan. There are various advantages and disadvantages associated with it. Let’s look at the bright side first! Firstly, working for clients internationally can enhance your chances to get paid more due to the currency differences. Platforms like Upwork and Fiverr tend to allow you to select your pay rate in dollars.

Notably, there is a drastic change in the pay rate when it’s converted from Dollars into Pakistani rupees. Furthermore: you get to choose the nature of your work. Whether you want project-based work or a contract.

The con one must consider is the payment of taxes as a freelancer. In Pakistan, you are supposed to pay a certain amount of money as tax if you are a freelancer. The amount may vary depending on multiple factors. It is due to Pakistan’s tax policy. It discourages self-employment and running small businesses.

Scope and Skills Required:

Let’s discuss the scope of freelancing in Pakistan. One of the leading freelance sites revealed that Pakistan ranks third in the total number of registered members. Many companies are now hiring freelancers for their services.

Notably, in the past few years, freelancing became a highly adaptive career. People all over the world are moving towards freelancing. While the numbers grow at a rapid rate in Pakistan.

What should I do now? You must know a way how to start your career as a freelancer in Pakistan. One may take the help of online or offline courses regarding particular skills. The best-demanded skills for freelancers are web-designing, copywriting, SEO, graphic designing, website development, etc. It depends upon the individual’s interest.

If you grasp a skill of your interest, you have better chances of improvement. With hard work and dedication, you can become an expert. Simple! Read more about Freelancing!

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