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Freelancing FAQs | Freelancing Guide

Freelancing FAQs | Freelancing Guide

Freelancing can be good if your strategies work for you and also can be worst if it doesn’t so, no one can decide the good and bad of freelancing because every field has its own potential and depends on you; how it works for you.

Are freelance jobs safe?

Freelancing is 100% legit but keeps in mind to join the right platforms like Upwork, Fiverr,, WorkChest,, etc. to avoid scams.

Are freelancers entrepreneurs?

Yes, according to me every human being is born an entrepreneur as he/she has some unique qualities and is different from others, but most of us, couldn’t realize them.

Are freelancers self-employed?

Yes, if you’re working independently for yourself. Although, you’ve different options like working for companies as payroll through freelance platforms, etc.

Can freelancing be done on phone?

Yes, you can do freelancing on your phone as well but that will depend on your job type like social media management, ready-made templates designing on Canva, and responding to chats, etc.

Can freelancing be a full-time career?

Yes, you can choose a freelancing career as a full-time career. But before you choose, make sure you’ve enough resources to pay your utilities etc.

Does freelancing make you rich? How freelancing can earn you more money?

Yes, freelancing can make you rich, if you work hard. Lot of success stories you may hear on daily basis on social media about freelancing success stories and how much they are making

How freelancing is changing work? How will freelancing change the workforce?

I believe, freelance is the future because people are switching to it. Freelancing provides independence and freedom as everyone wants in life.

Freelancing FAQs | Freelancing Guide
Freelancing FAQs | Freelancing Guide

What freelance work can I do?

Ask this question yourself. Evaluate your learning capability, learn and offer your services in that niche. I would like to suggest you to choose your passion.

What freelance jobs are in demand? Which field is best for freelancing?

Freelancing is in near industry and nearly all jobs are found that can be done remotely. However, digital marketing, graphic designing, web development, and writing jobs are high in demand.

What is the most important thing in freelancing?

Consistency; I think consistency is one of the most important in freelancing.

Freelancing where to start?

If you’re looking to start freelancing, then first recognize yourself; what are you capable of? And what’s your passion? Choose field/industry, and most importantly choose a mentor; follow them.

Which freelancing site or platform is best for beginners?

Every platform has its own potential but Upwork, Fiverr,,, etc. are the most common worldwide. Start from one *Fiverr and then switch to others with time.

Which freelancing skill is easy to learn?

The answer is multiple like simple data entry, virtual assistant, social media management, etc.

What are the disadvantages of freelancing?

Freelancing may not work for you because not all freelancers succeed.

You may not get enough projects to help you grow.

You won’t get employment benefits.

You may be inconsistent and this will impact your discipline.

You have to build yourself and lend jobs yourself and more. Hire me.

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