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About the Beak

The Beak is a serial entrepreneur-based business on a mission to change the world through startups and the existing way of business through innovation. We are based in Rawalpindi-Pakistan with an inspiring community and proud partners around the globe who actually think different about the business world.

Our way of work is unique from what 95% of companies do; we connect you with the right people, own your ideas and work with you on your dreams. We motivate people to connect with us by sharing their unique ideas and collaboratively working on them to bring a positive change into the business world and also offer new ideas to existing businesses to change their old thoughts about doing business.

The products and services that we offer are mostly from these startups or from our partners. If you’re doing or want to do any type of business, our entrepreneurial mindset can help you fulfill your dreams through advice, collaboration, or anything that best fits.

“Every human being is born an entrepreneur, we just need to recognize his/her potential and point it in the right direction”
(Aziz Ullah, Founder & CEO)

The Beak Team

Aziz Ullah, Founder & CEO at The Beak

Aziz Ullah

Founder & CEO at The Beak